BuildMe. GG! is a simple website with a simple purpose: to help you quickly throw together a build while playing Heroes of the Storm. It's based on data from professional league HotS games, so you know the builds at least make some sense.

We don't do ads, intrusive tracking, or general clutter. The site is very lightweight and should work well even on mobile devices. If there's further interest, I may add more feature such as pick/ban suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you add player stats, MMR ratings, let me upload replays, etc.? No. The site is meant to be very simple and lightweight. If you want to do that then use HotSLogs or another service.

How come some heroes don't have builds for them? The data we use is pulled from professional league games, which sometimes play a patch behind what's live. That means there may be a delay of a few weeks to get builds in for some heroes depending on the current HGC schedule.


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Build data is sourced from MasterLeague.
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